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I opened Dan The Deal Man February 1st 2015 as an old fasdhioned store that was small, friendly, and had things that you just wont find at a typical big box store. I travel all around the state and out of state to go picking to find great antiques, collectibles, and pretty much anything that was unique or interesting. I try to get the stuff for a great price so that item can find a good home quickly. As you know high quality stuff, does not come cheap. But I sell below your typical antique shop prices. For the more frugal customer, I often save a lot of good stuff from being thrown away. Its very rewarding to repurpose something that nearly went to waste. Having a variety of high end items and thrifty items means i have something for everyone.

It is 2017 so to keep up with the times, I have moved the store online to serve customers that simply are to far away to visit me. If you are in the local area, you can pickup your order at my office in Naugatuck, CT. You can also find items to large to ship and more on my offerup page. So if you search for Dan The Deal Man on offerup and look at my items listed on my profile, you'll find more you can pickup locally. So, if you are looking for a gift for a friend or relative, or just want to add something to your collectyion or home, check out my products. You'll find something you never knew you wanted.

Thanks for your interest in Dan The Deal Man. I will be adding extra products every week, so come back regularly. You can contact me at: danisthedealman@aol.com or by phone at 203-720-1313.

Dan The Deal Mans customer service goal is simple: I am committed to providing our customers with great unique products at great prices. I'm very honest and believe in doing things right.

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